Lots of our content includes a soundtrack. By working within the Ørsted audio identity, your production won't just look the part – it'll sound on-brand too.

Download sound files here

Sounds like Ørsted

Our Audio identity consists of four unique compositions, available in different fixed lengths. These can be used to accompany films, presentations, events and more.

All four pieces reflect and complement our broader aesthetic approach, expressing our bold, optimistic, inventive and dynamic brand character through music.

Love your home: Taking our tagline as its inspiration, this piece is uplifting, inspiring and hopeful.

Green energy: Working to achieve our vision is no simple task. This piece is more complex and inventive, while maintaining a light, almost playful character.

Let’s create: A bolder composition with interweaving layers of sound over a solid beat, this piece expresses our practical, can-do attitude.

Real action: More experimental in style, this piece combines a daring beat with sampled footsteps on a stony beach, reflecting our commitment innovation – and to the natural world.