The Ørsted visual universe is optimistic about the future. It focuses on bringing the benefits of renewable energy to the world.

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Naturally optimistic

The images we use should capture a sense of energy and possibility, while remaining natural and authentic.

All of our images should be: 

We show real people in real situations, looking natural and relaxed. Colours should be natural, without excessive re-touching, over-saturation or de-saturation. 

We show people expressing positive emotions, energy and optimism. We want to show the world what we can achieve. 

Compositions should have contrast and grab the attention, with subjects shown in action. 

We make the viewer feel inspired, as though they're part of the action and can relate to those in the image.

Need something more?

If you can't find the photos you need, contact Global Branding & Marketing to discuss a potential new photoshoot.

Usage rights

The Ørsted brand photos are all Ørsted trademarks. Ørsted trademarks may only be used by Ørsted and 100%-owned Ørsted companies. They must not be used for marketing purposes by a third party or for third party business without written approval from Ørsted. 

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