Ørsted brand guide

The Ørsted brand is one of our most important assets. This guide shows you how to bring it to life.

Our brand story: Love your home

At Ørsted, our vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. We want to revolutionise the way the world is powered by developing green, independent, economically viable energy systems which benefit the societies in which we work.

We used to be an oil and gas company, something reflected in our previous name. But in 2017, we changed our name to Ørsted, after the Danish scientist who discovered electromagnetism, Hans Christian Ørsted.

Hans Christian Ørsted’s groundbreaking discovery was driven by his curiosity, dedication, and interest in nature – and it provided the foundation for generating electricity.

We took his name because these qualities are ones we strive to embody as we leave behind our legacy as a fossil fuel-based company and work to transform the global energy system.

Because the place we all call home, planet earth, needs love – and love means nothing without action. That’s why we chose our tagline: Love your home.

Built on our name, our tagline and our vision, the whole Ørsted brand, from our tone of voice to our visual identity, aims to communicate our position as the leading company and trusted partner in fighting climate change.

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