Our illustrations enhance our communication with a recognisable Ørsted look and different levels of detail.

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Typographic DNA

The style of our illustrations builds on the essential features of our typeface, Orsted Sans. The use of geometric shapes, sharp edges and an organic twist combined with our brand colours create visual consistency and a distinctive Ørsted feel.

Three levels of detail

We work with three levels of illustration, depending on the purpose: pictograms, simple illustrations, and illustrations. Each one is tailor-made to meet the specific needs, but the different levels can be combined if appropriate.


The simplest form of illustration, pictograms serve as a support graphic for short, quickly decodable messages such as signage. They can also be used as part of more complex graphics such as maps and infographics. Find the right pictogram in our extensive library, including the specific ones we use to denote our business units and different energy solutions.

Simple illustrations

By adding an extra layer of complexity, simple illustrations work well for more narrative communication, while remaining easily decodable. We often use them for simple infographics, social media posts and animations.


This type of illustration includes more detail. They can stand alone as the main element in presentations, reports, posters and editorial pieces, or act as a support element.

Illustrations in action

In these examples you can see how the three different types of illustration can be used and combined for different communication purposes.