The fifth element of our visual identity is an animation based on the patterns of nature, from wind and water currents to flocks of birds and shoals of fish.

Download the Lifestream here

The brand comes to life

Using the Lifestream, the distinctive Ørsted brand can be communicated without using the logo.

The unique movement of hundreds of dots is powered by an algorithm based on the patterns of nature. It brings our visual communication to life, adding a sense of direction and energy.

Versatile expression

The Lifestream can be used either in motion or as a still image capturing a snapshot of movement. Cropped appropriately, a closer, more immersive perspective can be achieved.

The dots can be displayed with or without trails, or even have the trails adjusted, added or removed in real time. With them, a greater sense of flow is visible, but without them a calmer feeling is achieved.

The Lifestream and its background can appear in any of the Ørsted colours, including white, as long as the overall effect is bright and energetic.

Download different versions

The Lifestream in action