Microsoft Office

Ørsted’s brand can shine through using desktop apps like PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

Communication and design on your desktop

Even when using Microsoft Office applications for everyday tasks, it is easy to make sure your communication and design decisions are on brand. These are the three most important things to remember across the Microsoft Office suite:

  • Use the Orsted Sans Office font instead of Orsted Sans, which is only suitable for professional design software. (In Outlook use Arial so that emails are legible to both internal and external recipients.)

  • The simplest way to reflect the brand is to use simple layouts and the brand colours.

  • Be sure you’re on brand by using Ørsted templates for your documents and presentations.


When you compose an email, the font is automatically set to Arial. This ensures the text will display properly for both internal and external recipients, so it mustn’t be changed to an Orsted Sans font.

Your email signature is automatically generated to ensure it is on-brand. You are welcome to change information like your name, title and team if it needs to be updated. Everything else should be left as it is, without adding or removing anything, whether images, taglines or any other messaging.


As standard, use the 16:9 (screen format) ratio so that your presentations display properly on the screens most people use.

Use Ørsted slide templates, pictograms, illustrations and approved images using the Templafy add-on. If you can’t find suitable images there, use Skyfish as a source of other approved images.

Keep your slides and presentations short and simple, without too many different colours.

If you need to create posters or brochures, you can find a range of different templates in the resource library. If you think you’ll regularly need new templates, contact


Format your documents using Ørsted templates. Even if you don’t need any special visual features, use the Ørsted Blank template so that the correct document settings are applied.

For any design-related questions, contact For anything technical, contact IT.