Brand architecture

Ørsted’s brand architecture lets you brand different activities and projects under one consistent identity.

Download the brand architecture guidelines 

One company, one brand

Ørsted is one company with one brand. Every part of the business, from internal projects to offshore wind farms, works together with one purpose. This needs to be reflected in our branding and visual identity.  

Across all our projects, activities, and internal and external campaigns, there is one simple approach to creating a logo within the Ørsted brand.  

We always use the Orsted Sans Bold typeface, in Ørsted Blue or white, depending on the background.  

If combined with the Ørsted logo, this must stand above the sub-logo.

Beyond logos

Sometimes a project or initiative needs to stand out with more than just its name in a logo. This can be achieved by using elements from Ørsted’s visual identity in unique and create ways.

For help creating a unique campaign, please contact Global Design.

Partnership lockups

Logos for partnerships comprise Ørsted’s logo with the partner’s logo, separated by a vertical line.

Download the partnership lockup template